Spotlight On…

April 2018


Tell us about your business, Lauren Lovett Coaching.
I coach actors and business professionals on how to improve or re-gain the body+mind connection. From breathing and alignment to vocal tone placement and tongue position, to personal history – yours, your character’s – when we work together, I consider all aspects and customize lessons just for you and your ultimate goal.

What’s your background?
I have a BFA in Drama from the Julliard School, as well as additional vocal training from Patsy Rodenburg, and Saul Kotzubei. I’ve also studied massage therapy and acupressure techniques, the Alexander Technique and Somatic Experiencing.

Share a regional theatre story with us. 
My first regional theater job was a co-production between GeVa Theatre & Studio Arena (which is closed now, I believe) [editor’s note: The Studio Arena Theatre shuttered in 2008 but the venue itself was acquired by Shea’s Performing Arts Center in 2011] of The Sisters Rosensweig in the mid-90’s. After that I worked all across the country from San Diego to Houston to Princeton and places in between.

One of my favorite places to work is Indiana Rep in Indianapolis. The first time I worked there was back in 1999. I’d gotten an audition for The Glass Menagerie to be directed by the brand new Artistic Director, Janet Allen. I’m not physically the traditional “Laura” type – I’m not small or delicate AT ALL which made me slightly self-conscious in a room full of waify gals who were also waiting to be seen. When I got my chance in the room, Janet was open to my quirky take – she was warm, interested and even laughed at certain points. You could tell she and the theater were open to new ideas and interpretations. I got that part and would continue a great relationship with them over the next 10 years, playing a wide range of roles. The wonderful thing about regional theatre is that they can take chances on new interpretations of classic work, offering something unique to local audiences without the pressure of NYC rents and production costs.

What is your passion now?
My passion is helping actors and business professionals to become more connected to their bodies and all the unexpected gifts your body+mind can offer. For actors especially, it’s so important to open up your physiological channels, including your breathing and your voice, so you can be present, responsive and electric onstage or on camera. Even taking on a dialect (including “sounding more American”) should have a holistic approach which takes the whole of the character’s life into account – this also requires full-body awareness, not just a list of sound changes.

Best advice you ever received.
“Anything worth doing takes the time it takes” – I’m not sure if one specific person said that or it’s just the culmination of “it’s a process” and “don’t be so impatient” and “slow your roll.” It’s only in recent years that I really understand and value that advice – now I tell that to my students on a regular basis hoping that they can take it to heart sooner than I did!

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